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aka Duke

(Mikros Image has stopped any further development regarding this software)

Duke is a basic opensource high resolution image sequence player dedicated to visual effects and post-production companies.

Duke relies on a plug-in system for input formats (some are provided by OpenImageIO, others are dedicated plug-ins like JPEG or DPX), so it covers most of the image sequences needed by everyday VFX checking on Linux®, Windows® and Mac OSX® platforms.
Other components are based on generic libraries and proven technologies such as OpenGL.

Duke’s built-in lookahead file cache ensures stable playback for either direct from disk or RAM sources.
Duke’s modular engine enables color corrections and playlist management facilities as well as a timeline, or forthcoming features like 3D stereo, split screen, …

We aim at

  • support for Look Up Tables
  • split view to compare tracks
  • basic color grading
  • movie playback
  • recording to file sequences or movies
  • sound support
  • 3D support