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  • File Meta Checker is a tool to extract metadata from various files like images, video, sound etc. It is based on a libraryless extractor, the file structure is only described by a human readable specification.

  • Quality Control principles

    Generic Quality Control process on media files can be dissociated into 4 parts:
    • the absolute level for metadata extraction and validation.
    • the objective level to measure signal parameters (e.g. audio loudness, image PSNR, etc.).
    • the subjective level to detect some perceptual inconsistencies.
    • the cross check to validate the coherence between the 3 previous levels (absolute, objective and subjective).

  • A metadata extractor

    FileMetaChecker is focused on the absolute level, providing a tool to extract metadata from media files.
    The main attractive feature of this project relies on its architecture, allowing to process metadata extraction from media files without any media libraries dependency. FileMetaChecker is a generic engine parsing file descriptions (or specifications) to extract data from the input file. A report on the metadata and the structure of the file is generated by this extraction.

  • Genericity

    Although FileMetaChecker was initially oriented for media analysis, the genericity of the engine could be considered to process any kind of file formats.