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aka Puli

(Mikros Image has stopped any further development regarding this software)
  • Python API

    Puli is an open-source render management solution entirely written in Python. It provides a job submission API that can be used directly within Maya® (Autodesk) or Nuke® (The Foundry) - amongst others.

  • Job Types

    Several action scripts are also provided to enable jobs submission for Maya® (Autodesk), Mental Ray® (NVidia), Nuke® (The Foundry) but you can easily write your own scripts to support your in-house rendering engine or any other 3rd party solution.

  • Render Statistics

    Jobs informations and metadatas can be stored in a database (and therefore providing persistence) and can then be used to provide rendering statistics.

  • Global Rendering

    Puli is able to seamlessly manage rendering on both local and distant networks.
    For example, you can mix your renderfarm between local render nodes and a 3rd party cloud solution.

  • More Noteworthy Features

    • Priority management
    • Jobs dependencies
    • Rendering software license availability
    • Minimum hardware requirements for a job (CPU, memory, …)
    • Workstations and renderfarm management (render nodes pools)
    • Local user denial for his workstation to be used as a render node